Friday, November 13, 2015

Let's bring this thing back to life!

It has been a crazy two years. I got a new job that's turned into a career, buried a wonderful man, moved TWO HOURS away from where I've lived the past 7 years, and completely turned my craft business around. My main focus now is on Pixel Art of all kinds. If you'd like a fast look at all of it, check out my Storenvy site, Ashley E Glidewell Fine Art & Crafts

Diamond Sword Iron-On Patch $13.98
It started with cross stitching Perler Bead patterns onto regular Aida fabric and turning them into iron on patches. 

Majora's Mask Magnet $48.98
Then I discovered a plastic canvas that's actually made to the same sizing as Aida fabric! Now I could expand into magnets, bookmarks, keychains, hairclips, and jewelry! 

Goomba Keychain $19.49
Each is carefully coated with a permanent sealant, protecting it from all elements and giving it a kid-friendly wipe-clean finish!

Elsa Magnet $44.98
Magnets are now backed with super strong ceramic magnets, so unlike my original Perler Bead magnets, these are NOT only decorative, they are fully functional!

Diamond Sword Necklace $23.95
Necklaces are hung on 18 inch chain, but can be customized to suit your individual size!

Rainbow Dash Hairclip Duo $30.98
After that, I added in greeting cards. First I draw out the pattern on a grid, then I punch each hole into a blank greeting card. After that, I stitch the pattern onto the card and it is ready for you to add your own message! Each comes sealed in an individual bag for protection. 

BMO Greeting Card $4.95
And just to make things interesting, I discovered Needle Felting! I can also make plushes based on the same characters that I stitch!

Lumpy Space Princess Plush $28.88
I also discovered Mosaic Tiling and how I can create beautiful Pixel Art from it! 

Creeper Mosaic Tile $98.98 SOLD! 
That's enough for today. As I said, if you want to see more, feel free to visit my store and browse around. There's lots to look at and plenty of Christmas shopping ideas! Please keep in mind that many of my items are unique and though I can make a similar item of one out of stock, it may not always be exactly the same. If you'd like to purchase an out of stock item, please message me and I can let you know if I can make a similar one. Also, I am always adding more items to the shop! There's several in my to finish box that I have to add the backings to and then photograph.