Saturday, May 25, 2013

Added a new batch of Kee-Shirts to my shop!

Vintage Paisley Kee-Shirt ©

Vintage Sunflowers Kee-Shirt ©
Vintage Chair Kee-Shirt ©
I just added a huge new batch of Kee-Shirts to my craft shop! Fifteen new ones, including three duplicates. Nearly all of this batch is made of vintage fabric. The only shirts I make duplicates of I have a lot of fabric in that print, which means it's a fabric purchased within the last seven years. All of my other fabrics are hand-me-downs from my great-grandmother, grandmother, and a friend of the family.

Vintage Tan Kee-Shirt ©
Autumn Leaves Kee-Shirt ©
Many of these fabrics are one of a kind, as they are quilt square leftovers and I only have enough to make one shirt from each one. That means when you purchase a Kee-Shirt with me, you are getting a one of a kind item that will never be duplicated! For example, I just added a Vintage Sunflowers Kee-Shirt and a Vintage Chair Kee-Shirt. Both of these were squeezed out of just two four inch quilt squares each. When I need to fussy-cut a shirt front/back out of one of the squares, it makes it that much harder to be able to get sleeves out of the rest. However, the effort is worth the end result!

I also added a few patriotic themed Kee-Shirts just in time for Memorial Day! Check them out here.